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Teaching is my second nature. I have twelve years of experience teaching guitar, songwriting, music theory and composition.
I currently offer face-to-face or online lessons in the following subjects:

Lessons & Courses: Text

Composition & songwriting

- Face-to-face or online lessons

- A tailored program for each student

- Feedback on your work and weekly assignments,
based on real-world scenarios and briefs 

- Good for students who're just starting out, and for experienced musicians who want to expand their knowledge and refine their skills

Lessons & Courses: Text

Guitar & Music Theory

- Face-to-face or online lessons
- A tailored program for each student
- All ages and levels are welcome
- Preparation for exams and auditions
- A professional and friendly approach

Lessons & Courses: Text

Great Musician and amazing Music Teacher
I am so happy I found Nir! He is an outstanding Teacher and Musician. As a teacher myself, I can't fault him. He approaches you in a warm, relaxed, manner whilst instructing you in a very clear and thorough way. He has the expertise and knowledge so you will learn properly from him and he is also patient and understanding. I would encourage and recommend anyone wanting to learn music to work with him. I am so lucky to have him as my guitar teacher.

Madeleine B.

Absolutely amazing teacher & talented musician!
Our 12 year old son started lessons with Nir 2 years ago, and we have been overwhelmed at how quickly he's improved with his guitar & vocal skills. Nir is such a wonderful person who's positive energy, kind encouragement, patience, and warm heart is perfect for teaching - particularly with children! The majority of our lessons were at Nir's home recording studio, but during the pandemic we saw no loss of service through his skype lessons. Both were outstanding.

Marc M.

Flexible, patient, fun guitar teacher
My son, 10, has been learning with Nir for over a year, and through the pandemic. Whether the lesson is face- to face or via zoom Nir is patient and calm during his teaching. He takes his time always asking my son if he understands! He is instilling a love of learning music and an understanding that practice is important. He emails my son with tasks and follows through when my son emails him! He chooses songs appealing to my son so that’s always motivating. Highly recommend Nir.

Talented, warm and professional
Nir has been teaching my 8yo daughter guitar the past 18mths (including remotely through Covid lockdown!). He's wonderful - patient, adapts well to my daughter (eg coming up with music relevant to her tastes) and very relaxed. My daughter is the youngest of four children, so I have much experience with a variety of music teachers (piano, violin, cello etc) over the past 20 years. I can honestly say he is one of the best teachers I have found and feel privileged he teaches my daughter.

Robyn K.

Simone S.

Amazing teacher  
I had few guitar teacher before but Nir really surpassed them all. He is a great musician and he really understands music. He knows how to better approach you and help you develop your own style with patience and dedication. Highly recommend

Lorenzo M.

Lessons & Courses: Testimonials
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